Kunzite from Pakistan
kunzite pink variety of spodumene.
Kunzite from Pakistan
kunzite pink variety of spodumene.

Kunzite - Pakistan (LLP034)

Mineral from Pakistan

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Kunzite from Pakistan old collection year 2008.

Kunzite is the pink variety of spodumene.

Dimensions of the stone: L:38mm x W:33mm

On the Mohs scale its hardness is 6.5 to 7.

Its density is 3.1 to 3.2: The density of a mineral is a figure that indicates how many times heavier a mineral is than the equivalent volume of water at room temperature. Technically, it is the ratio between the mass of a given volume of this mineral and the mass of an equivalent volume of water. For example, if a mineral has a density of 3, this means that it is three times heavier than the same volume of water.

This property is particularly useful in geology and mineralogy to help identify minerals, as each mineral has a characteristic density. 

This item is fixed with a flexible mastic to the base of a Plexiglas box measuring L 55mm x W 40mm x H 32mm.

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