Pyrite and quartz (Bulgaria)
Pyrite and quartz (Bulgaria)
Pyrite and quartz (Bulgaria)
Pyrite and quartz (Bulgaria)

Pyrite and quartz Bulgarie

Minerals from Bulgaria

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Pyrite and quartz from the Madan mine in Bulgaria, year 1997. 

Dimensions of the stone: L: 70mm x W: 50mm x H : 45mm.

Weight with acrylic base: 295g.

Pyrite is composed of iron disulphide (FeS2). It has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 and a density of around 5 (+or- 0.5), i.e. it weighs 5 times its equivalent volume of water.

The stone is fixed to the acrylic base with a flexible mastic (which can be easily removed).

Legend and history of pyrite :

 Known as "fool's gold" because of its resemblance to gold, pyrite has fooled many inexperienced gold seekers throughout history. The ancient Greeks used pyrite to light fires thanks to the sparks it produced when struck with steel.

Cleaning pyrite:

Clean pyrite with a soft, dry cloth to avoid damaging its metallic surface. If necessary, use slightly soapy distilled water, then dry immediately to prevent oxidation.

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