Dioptase RdCongo (Réf226)
Dioptase RdCongo (Réf226)

Dioptase RdCongo (Réf226)

Minerals from Congo.

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Dioptase from the Mindouli mine in the Congo.

Dimensions of the stone: L: 39mm x W: 26mm x H: 42mm x weight with base: 107g.

Dioptase is a hydrated copper silicate with the chemical formula Cu6Si6O18 - 6H2O. Its intense green colour is reminiscent of emerald.

hardness: 5 on the Mohs scale

African legends

One of the best-known stories comes from the tribal cultures of Central Africa, where dioptase is often found. According to one legend, dioptase was considered a gift from the spirits of the earth for people living in mountainous regions. Local tribes believed that the spirits placed dioptase crystals on the ground to cure illness and bring inner peace to those who found them.

The stone is attached to the bevelled acrylic base with a flexible mastic (which is easy to remove).

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