Lithophyse (Ref229) Esterel Var
Lithophyse (Ref229) Esterel Var

Lithophyse (Ref229) Esterel Var

Minerals from the Var department (France)

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The lithophyses of the Esterel massif, located in the Var region of France, often take the form of geodes due to complex geological processes spanning millions of years. Originally, the Esterel massif was subject to intense volcanic activity. When molten magma reached the surface, it encountered seawater reservoirs, triggering hydrothermal explosions. These explosions propelled the magma to the surface, where it rapidly cooled on contact with the water, creating cavities in the volcanic rock.

Over time, these cavities filled with minerals dissolved in seawater, such as calcite, quartz and iron oxides. These minerals were deposited on the inner walls of the cavities, forming layers of crystals. Gradually, erosion processes sculpted the geodes, exposing them to the surface through the crumbling of surrounding rocks.

Stone dimensions: L:100mm x W:80mm - Weight: 301g.

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