Gypsum Spain
Gypsum Spain
Gypsum Spain
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Gypsum Spain
Gypsum Spain
Gypsum Spain

Gypsum Spain

Minerals from Spain

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Gypsum from Spain.

Stone dimensions: L: 185mm x W: 60mm.

Weight: 245g.

The chemical formula of gypsum is CaSO4-2H2O, which means it is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate.

Hardness: The hardness of gypsum is 2 on the Mohs scale, making it a relatively soft mineral.

Density: The density of gypsum varies from 2.3 to 2.4. This means that gypsum is relatively light compared with other minerals.

Gypsum is generally colorless or white, but can also appear in shades of gray, brown, yellow or red, depending on the impurities present.

Naica cave:

We can't talk about gypsum without mentioning this cave and its giant crystals.

The Naica cave is located in the Naica mine, near the town of Naica in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. It lies at a depth of 300 metres below the earth's surface.

The crystals of selenite (a variety of gypsum) in the cave are among the largest ever discovered, some measuring up to 12 meters (about 39 feet) in length and weighing several tons.

Naica Cave is extremely hot, with temperatures reaching up to 58°C (136°F) and relative humidity ranging from 90 to 99%. These conditions make prolonged visits dangerous without adequate protective equipment.

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