Manganocalcite (Bulgaria) pink color
Manganocalcite (Bulgaria)
Manganocalcite (Bulgaria) pink color
Manganocalcite (Bulgaria)

Manganocalcite Bulgaria

Mineral from Bulgaria

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Beautiful pink Manganocalcite from the Zlatograd Bulgaria mine in 2006.

Manganocalcite is a variety of calcite whose pink hue is due to the presence of manganese.

Chemical composition: Manganese hydroxide MnO(OH) and calcium carbonate CaCO3. Its hardness is 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale and its density is between 2.8 and 3.0.

Stone dimensions: L: 107mm x W: 72mm x H : 70mm.

Weight: 554g.

The stone is attached to the acrylic base with a flexible mastic (easily removable).

Stories and legends about manganocalcite:

There are many stories about this mineral and among them:

An ancient legend has it that manganocalcite was considered the stone of faithful lovers. Couples would exchange pieces of manganocalcite as a symbol of their eternal love and mutual devotion.

An old story has it that manganocalcite was placed under children's pillows to protect them from bad dreams. The stone was thought to have the power to transform nightmares into pleasant, soothing dreams, guaranteeing peaceful nights.

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