Boules de chalcopyrite - Bulgarie
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Boules de chalcopyrite - Bulgarie

Boules de chalcopyrite - Bulgarie

Mineral from Bulgaria

Delivery: France 48h / International D+3 to D+8


Superb chalcopyrite balls from the Madan mine in Bulgaria (old collection).

Stone dimensions: L:33mm x W:28mm.

This item is presented on the base of a Plexiglas box measuring L:40mm x W:40mm x H:32mm.

Chalcopyrite is a mineral composed of copper and iron sulfides. Its chemical formula is CuFeS2.

On the Mohs scale, chalcopyrite has a hardness of 3.5 to 4, making it relatively soft and easy to scratch with a knife or other harder objects.

Its density varies between 4.1 and 4.3.

Chalcopyrite is one of the world's main sources of copper.

Chalcopyrite legends and beliefs:

In some cultures, it was believed to possess magical powers and could be used to contact spirits or supernatural forces. Shamans and sorcerers used it in rituals to obtain visions or prophecies.

My miners of yesteryear also sometimes considered chalcopyrite a good-luck charm. Its presence in the mines was a sign of future wealth, as it often indicated the presence of copper and other precious metals. They kept pieces of chalcopyrite in their pockets or near their beds to attract good luck and protect themselves from accidents.

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